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The Best IPL Hair Removal Machines Review


When it comes to IPL technology, getting the best gadget will make all the difference. Remember this is your skin you are dealing with. If the there is a fail in your endeavors, then you may need to use a lot of money to have your skin back to normal. One of the best technologies one can use is Philips Lumea IPL. For more information, you can check the IPL hair removal review. The IPL technology means that the machine uses intense pulsed light as opposed to laser light in the earlier technologies. For the newbies, the here is a review of some of the best machines.

How IPL devices workshairy hand

The gadgets most of which are hand held use the IPL technology to target the hair follicle. They penetrate deep into the root of the hair and pluck it loose. Since they are mild, they do not damage the follicle but will ensure that hair stays for a couple of weeks before growing back.

The best IPL hair removal machines reviews

Phillip Lumea series

This is a new technology from the Philips offering very effective gadgets for all body part hair removal. They are convenient for all skin and have been proven to be safe when used as instructed. The gadgets are hardy and will last for long without giving problems to the users. They have an average of over 200,000 flashes that can be used well in the bikini area, belly, legs and the face. They are cordless hence convenient to move around the house.

The Remington Series

It is yet another popular brand for IPL hair removal. These gadgets have long lasting cartridges that can last for long and the replacement is cost effective. The machines are good for hair removal in the bikini area and feet. Although home based, they not only give a spa like professionalism but also give a wonderful experience at home. It is capable of emitting different colors of light for optimum results. One can have permanent hair removal in six months.


These two reviews offer just but few example of the IPL hair removal machines that are earning a lot of popularity in the recent year. The IPL technology is an advancement of the laser technology and comes with less effect to the skin. They use different lights of a highly regulated intensity to avoid the skin damage. If you are not willing to permanently lose your hair but have it gone for a prolonged time, then this is the best option to pick.