General Contractor

As a homeowner, you will need to hire repairmen for certain jobs like plumbing work, lawn care or putting down carpeting. However, for big jobs such as kitchen remodeling, the work is quite complicated. You will need to hire several specialists and come up with a schedule to perform the work in the right order. The flooring installers, plumbers and countertop specialists among other workers need to be coordinated and managed. This is where a general contractor comes in. He or she assesses the entire project and devises a plan to guide the job until completion.

If you have not worked with a general contractor before, here is a guide on how to best work with a general contractor

Be precise about what you want and do not be afraid to speak up

dsdffcgvGeneral contractors say that homeowners with well-defined and realistic goals are the most satisfied. Therefore, make your expectations clear and before signing the contract, read it carefully and confirm any details that you are familiar with. The worst mistake you can make is allowing the contractor to do the job then say that you wanted something different. If at any stage you are unhappy with the outcome, let the contractor know immediately.

Be available for the cost estimate

Though it depends on the scope of the project and the contractor’s preferences, a general contractor will provide you with a cost estimate either on the first day or a few weeks after submitting the project. This is because it involves calculating the time needed to complete the project, the number of workers required and the cost of the materials. As the client, the best thing you can do is be available when the contractor contacts you as preparing a well-written estimate, driving to the site and discussing the project costs the contractor money and time.

Let the rejected contractors know your decision

Upon finding the best general contractor to work with, you should inform the rejected contractors that you will not will not need their services. Though they will get the message when you ignore their calls for a week or more, it is more considerate, professional and polite to personally contact the contractors so that they can focus their effort on other projects.

Make the payments on time

sesdfgdfghAs the client, you should pay the contractors as per the guidelines in the contract. The same way you would be frustrated by late payments, general contractors get impatient when payments are delayed. Making all the payments on time shows that you appreciate the work of the contractor which in turn encourages and keeps the contractor motivated.

Trust the contractor’s ability

After verifying the certification and experience level of the contractor, established a contract and checked his or her customer references, you should trust their ability to provide quality work. Avoid hovering around the workplace. Not only will it make the contractor feel that you have no faith in his work but it will also slow the progress of the job.