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Aluminium door at office

Different Types Of Automatic Doors And Shop Fronts


There is a broad range of shop fronts and automatic doors that you can choose for the entrance to your business or building. The type you choose will depend on the size of the building, how much space you can afford to give to the entrance, and the number of customers or clients you expect to come through those doors. All the major suppliers will be able to give you valuable advice on the different types of automatic doors and Shop Fronts that will suit your business and your pocket. They will also offer lots of expertise, and will go through the installation with you, as well as the service and repair program you need.

Benefits of Aluminium Products

Most of the latest entrances and doors are made of aluminium. Aluminium products come in a wide range of styles and specifications to enable you to choose the type of shop front that is ideal for your business. Aluminium doorThere can be any number of styles, from the basic shop front with single panes of glass to the shop fronts with double glaze windows that also provide excellent insulation. All glass, whether in the store front itself or the automatic door, should be safety glass to comply with safety regulations.

All aluminium products that you have installed should be made from guaranteed highest quality materials. Aluminum is a low maintenance product, easily kept clean, not subject to rust and rot in damp climates like timber shop fronts, and can also withstand wide temperature differences.

A Wide Range of Shop Fronts

Shop fronts can be designed according to your needs and your desires. A shop front is the facade of your store or business that is located on the street level. They can come in a color and finish you want, whatever suits your brand or stock. They are designed to attract customers and usually, include a display window. A smart shop front adds to the value of your building and makes it more noticeable to the public. If you require a glass window in your store front, the suppliers will be able to show you all the different exciting choices you have. Any security requirements you need can also be incorporated in the shop front and the automatic doors.

Different Kinds of Automatic Doors

There is also a selection of automatic doors you can choose from for your building. There are swing doors, sliding doors, and the big automatic revolving doors if you have a large shopping mall or busy community center.

Swing doors are versatile and can be installed in any building. They do not need much space and can be operated by a motion sensor or a push pad for disabled people.

A sliding door is the most used automatic door and will suit any building. Sliding doors can come with both a single parting or two panels parting in the middle. A mechanism activates the doors, and this can be either a radar sensor or access control. These doors are convenient for any customer.


Aluminium door 2The different types of automatic doors and shop fronts that are available make your choice an important one. A beautiful shop front and easy entrance make an early favorable impression for any business.