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Homemade Traps For Fruit Flies

Pest Control

Fruit flies always create a disturbance to people’s home. The life span of these fruit flies is usually shorter ranging from eight to ten days. Hence they reproduce at a faster rate. In damp or moist places, they grow vigorously. The fruits and rotten or fermented foods are a source of attraction to these flies.


Apple cider vinegar trap

insectsApple cider vinegar trap is the simplest trap. The fermentation smell which is of the apples that are fermented gets rid of these fruit flies. The smell is usually strong which drives the flies away from one’s home. The vinegar is heated in advance so as plenty of powerful aromas is released. A mason jar, a funnel, half cup of apple cider vinegar, a dish soap drop and fruit which is ripe are needed for this method to be successful.

Jar-type traps with fruit

Fruit flies are attracted to fruits, and the method involves trapping them using fruits. A glass jar, plastic wrap, toothpick, ripe fruit and soapy water are required. On the bottom of the glass jar, various pieces of ripped or rotten fruit are placed and covered with a plastic wrap. Make holes on the plastic wrap by use of a toothpick. These glass jars should be placed in strategical areas where the fruit flies seem to originate. The flies will be attracted to the glass jar, and they will have no option of existing. When the glass jar is full of flies, submerge it in a container full of soapy water for the duration of ten minutes.

Merry fly trap

Fruit flies are also attracted to red wine. In merry fly trap, these fruits flies are either overwhelmed by the red wine or are eliminated when they are submerged in a container full of soapy water. A small amount of wine is left at the bottle’s bottom. The flies will be drawn into the bottle, and it will end with them. The red wine can also be placed in a transparent container. The container is covered with a plastic wrap and holes are made on it.

Tried and true trap

bugOne pint of milk, a quarter pound of raw sugar and two ounces of ground pepper is needed for tried and true trap method to be successful. The ingredients which are milk, raw sugar, and pepper are combined in a saucepan. The mixture is poured into dishes which are shallow and placed around the house. The flies will be attracted to the combination, and they will suffocate.