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Weber grill parts that are replaceable

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A Weber grill is an essential appliance in a household. Most of the components of these grills can be replaced with new Weber grill parts, which increase the performance of the outdoor device. Weber charcoal grills require minimum maintenance and typically require no more than new charcoal grates and cooking grids. Weber gas grills are more sophisticated, and many components wear out with time. Replacement grill parts for a Weber gas grill include valves, burners, and heat shields. Below is a quick view of the main parts of the Weber grill and when they need to be replaced:

BurnersWeber grill

The burner of a Weber gas grill is the source of heat. The burner is hollow with a gas inlet and outlet ports, each with its control. Some grills have a single burner while others have two burners with corresponding controls on the control panel. Most burners in a Weber gas grill are H burners or oval burners. Expensive and high-end grills even have three or four separate burners, called pipe, tube or rail burners. Others are made of cast iron or alluminized steel. Stainless steel gas burners last the longest. If you own a Weber gas grill with cheaper burners and want to prolong its life, try to replace these gas grill parts with stainless steel.

Cooking grates

The cooking grates or grid of a Weber grill is the surface the food sits on while it cooks. Cheap grates are made from chrome-plated steel, which is not durable. Stainless steel is the most durable, followed by porcelain coated steel and cast iron. Grates that are not made of stainless steel will begin to rust over time when the coating wears off at which point replacement grill parts are required.

Rock grates

Weber grill 2This grate of a Weber grill is located right above the burner. It is used to hold lava rock or briquettes and prevents drippings from hitting the burner while dispersing heat. This is one of the cost effective replacement parts for a Weber grill and needs to be replaced when it cannot hold rocks. Most of them are made from carbon steel, which starts to rust rather fast.


Valves need replacement when they are not working well or begin to rust. Unlike burners, the replacement valve for a Weber grill must fit correctly, and the parts can be difficult to get. Valves with faults are one of the most common reasons a lot of grills are disposed of, although they can easily be replaced if you find the parts for your Weber grill.