Safety Measures When Using Chainsaws


Using a chainsaw can be dangerous and strenuous work. Before using one, it is important to be aware of its hazards. Likewise, be familiar with the special safety requirements and what to do.Find out more about the Best Chainsaws of 2017 . Having this knowledge will contribute significantly as one uses the equipment.

Safety Measures When Using Chainsaws

Read The Manual

Read the owners manual and know how to use the machine well. Make sure you understand the instructions and know the critical features of the equipment and how to handle it.

Protective Gear

Ensure you have put on protective equipment before you start using the chainsaw. Use man wearing capappropriate safety clothing that is suitable for the task being performed, to reduce the risk of injury. The attire should be well- fitting to avoid any entanglement with the chainsaw. Ensure to have eye protection by wearing the appropriate eyeglasses, hands protection by wearing mitts and gloves. Also, head and hearing protection have the suitable protective hat and hearing protective device. Also, leg and feet protection, that is proper shoes.


Create a safe environment before you start using the chainsaw. Survey the area, identify the direction of the wind, work out possible scenarios of trees falling in the wrong direction and what action to take, and the repercussions that may occur. Figure out escape routes if anything goes wrong for your personal safety.

Use Of the Machine

Be keen on safety when operating the equipment. Before starting the chainsaw inspect and check if all the parts have been fixed well. Ensure the blade is facing the right direction when you are starting it that is away from you, either on the ground or between your legs.
• Do notman using Chainsaws use a damaged saw.
• Refuel in a well-ventilated place with a fire extinguisher nearby.
• Do not allow any ignition sources or smoke while refueling the tank.
• Do not leave the chainsaw unattended while it is or neither run with it while it is on.

Remember to have a plan for each job you intend to do. Always carry the chainsaw with the guard bar pointing behind and the muffler away from your body. Remember to use the right saw for the particular task. After use store your chainsaw well. Arrange to have a work partner when operating the chainsaw, carry a first aid kit in case of any injuries and have an emergency unit contact.

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