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What Is Online Reputation Management?


As Publilius Syrus said, ” A good reputation is more valuable than money.” A new word is making waves through the digital marketing universe that corporates, companies, startups, and individuals are adopting and investing their resources in Online Reputation Management – ORM. RenegadeWorks.com is a reputable company that provide solutions to improve your company image. Your online reputation is your image, character, name, standing, and repute of your brand on the internet.r2efdted6y2e7u282i92

Online reputation management is how to build, improve, control what shows up when someone searches your name – company or individual on the web. Thus, ORM is the process of taking control, tracking and shaping conversations regarding your brand so that people find the right material when they search online.

Your online reputation is permanent once a review, feedback or comment is up it has ramifications that will have positive or negative results to your brand. ORM is meant to develop and maintain a good public image that in turn leads to increase in sales and profits. A big leaf can be borrowed from celebrities and politicians as they have mastered the art of public image management.

How Online Reputation Management Works?

Experts in this field use high-quality strategic content to create a great image and media relations to improve credibility. Moreover, they use social media marketing to get a buzz, publicity, and people talking about you, your product and service that they may make a purchase.

Platform Available For Online Reputation Management

Almost every day, someone somewhere on the web is conversing about you, your products and services by stating a comment or just searching to obtain more information. There are different avenues available for one to engage and can build a positive brand and image online.

To maximize on this, one can have content on the forums where people will generally gravitate to get information. One way is by having accounts on different social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google +. The avenues can be used by the company or the clients to give information and reviews. Other avenues are blogs and the company website.

Activities involved in Online Reputation Management

As a businest2gw3edrf2ed6y27eu28s or individual, strategies need to be put into place to achieve a positive online reputation. First, create your online brand with the resources available to you. Have a website, blog, social media accounts, image portfolios anything that ensures you have a presence online. Secondly, monitor and manage your reputation.

Keep track of reviews, feedback, and recommendations and take appropriate action where necessary. You can include dealing with negative feedback, apologizing when expectations were not met and appreciating those who have had positive reviews on your products and assimilating them in your marketing content.

Taking note that the internet is the first stop for most potential clients, the essential of a good internet brand is paramount. Hence, setting a budget for ORM will be of great benefit to the increase of visibility and profits for a company or individual.


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